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Vancouver Single Size Memory Foam Mattress,188*99

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Sleeping is highly essential as it helps recharge the body. Choosing the right mattress is crucial for a good night’s sleep, so it’s important to buy one that provides a high level of comfort and support. Luckily, the Vancouver Single Size Memory Foam Mattress 188 x 99 cm is the perfect choice for you.

We know that every sleeper has his or her own needs. That is why we are offering a high-quality mattress with a memory foam layer that moulds to the shape of your body.

This fantastic piece of furniture is a pioneer in innovating the meaning of comfort. These memory foams have also become the talk of the town as they come with various health benefits that include reducing the pressure from different points of your body — the best way to end every long, tiring day.

Whether you have an aching head or just want to simply rest and recharge both your mind and body from stress, this single size memory foam mattress provides the best value for your money. Nothing beats coming home to a bed that instantly welcomes you to the dream world and helps you get refreshed for a good night’s sleep.

This foam mattress provides the perfect balance between support and comfort that will surely give your body the refreshing sleep that it needs. It has a full support high-density foam base layer that offers stability and durability. It is strengthened by numerous layers of foam that relieve pressure across the surface of the mattress. It also supplements bounce with dependable pressure relief. Thus, whether you are a light sleeper or a heavy one, this foam will surely keep you comfy and help you get recharged during your sleep.

Its outer cover features a 320gsm Tencel fabric plus an anti-slip bottom. It also showcases four sides of sofa fabric. On top of that, this comfy mattress comes in 3-inch 45D memory foam and 5-inch 28D regular foam, perfect for your body’s needs. Its inner cover has 220GSM FR socks that complete the exclusive innovative features of this mattress as well.

What’s more, our patented technology allows this mattress to be efficiently compressed, rolled and shipped in a box conveniently to your door. Hence, you can be sure that every money spent on this elegant mattress will be an overall worthwhile purchase as it will last you for many years upon purchase and with regular use — all at an affordable cost.

You and your family would surely enjoy a good night’s sleep with the Vancouver Single Size Memory Foam Mattress 188 x 99 cm. If you want the best rest, this should be your chosen mattress. It is proof that finding a great mattress doesn’t have to break your bank as its quality puts customers in the lap of luxury.

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Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 188 × 99 cm


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