Truro shipping container made portable toilet single seat blue colorTruro shipping container made portable toilet single seat blue color
Bunch of truro portable toilets made of shipping containersBunch of truro portable toilets made of shipping containers
Dimensions of Truro portable toilet single seatDimensions of Truro portable toilet single seat
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TRURO Portable Toilet Single Seat: Blue Color| Eco-friendly, 100% Corrosion & Rust Proof| Light-weight, Easy to fit & Assemble| Water Flushing System

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Are you looking for premium quality furniture with a combination of high-grade material and top-notch finishing at an economical price? Idiya provides the best choice of furniture to choose from! Idiya has now introduced the best quality portable toilets that can be easily shifted from one site to another for re-use

Product Details/Specifications:

  • Colour: Blue
  • Length: 1.1m
  • Width: 1.1m
  • Wall Height: 2.3m
  • Door Height and Width: 1.8 x 0.7m
  • Weight: 1300 KG
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Built Type: Panel Build
  • Base Material: Aluminium
  • Roof: EPS Sandwich Panel, 50mm thick
  • Window: Internal Shutter Windows
  • Internal Floor Covering: Steel Checker Plate
  • Internal Wall Covering: 50mm Insulated Panel
  • Usage: Office, Home
  • Brand: Idiya
  • Place of Origin: China


    • High-quality material at a reasonable price
    • Heat and cold resistant, light-weight EPS panels 
    • Easy to fit and assemble anywhere
    • 100% rust and corrosion-proof
    • Includes sit-down toilet, washbasin, exhaust fan
    • No extra electrical wiring required
    • SAA certified switches and sockets
    • Water flushing system
    • Tough, durable, and eco-friendly


The Truro Portable Toilet (Color- Blue) is made of high-grade aluminium for a strong base. The walls and the roof are made of a 50 mm EPS sandwich panel, ideal for maintaining low humidity and preventing bacterial growth

It includes shutter windows, a single-seat sit-down toilet, a washbasin, and an exhaust fan for improved air quality. The door comes with a hold draft and handle. This highly durable portable toilet also includes a water flushing system. You can connect it to a wastewater system or a septic tank for hassle-free waste management. 

The panels are lightweight and can be easily moved. It can be installed anywhere and can be an excellent choice for industrial sites, offices, or your home. It also comes in white colour, if you’d instead prefer that!

Why Buy This Product?

  • Easy to install, can be shifted anywhere and re-used
  • No maintenance cost needed
  • The internal coverings include EPS panels to prevent bacterial growth
  • Better waste-management system
  • Can be connected to the wastewater system or a septic tank
  • Includes electrical system 
  • All the necessary electrical requirements will be provided by the client
  • Rustproof and eco-friendly
  • A high-quality product yet comes at an affordable price

Not exactly what you’re looking for? No worries! Idiya offers a variety of portable toilets including both double and single seat toilets.

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