Buy Idiya Akron white stained coffee table All 5817 1 from Idiya Furniture store NZBuy Idiya Akron white stained coffee table All 5817 1 from Idiya Furniture store NZ
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Idiya Akron white stained coffee table

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If you are looking for a simple yet elegant round coffee table that can easily fit into the commonly used colour schemes in many homes and offices of today (such as white, grey, lilac, and mist), look no further because the Idiya Akron White Stained Coffee Table is the perfect choice for that.

This beaut piece of furniture features a round glass top supported by a solid and durable frame made of metal and wood, shaped in a triangular fashion when viewed from the top. Meanwhile, the sides of its frame form a distinctive letter “N” shape when fully assembled.

It also boasts a two-tone colour scheme, namely the coffee brown for its glass tabletop reminiscent of ground coffee, which will surely fit in many homes and offices and complement any pieces of furniture and decorations you have — all at an affordable cost. Meanwhile, its white stained metal & wood support frame and legs make it the perfect piece of furniture for people who are into sophisticated style and unique design. It screams, “look at me, I’m stylish”, to anyone that sees it for the first time.

Additionally, it can also be used in other businesses that need coffee tables, such as cafes, restaurants, and so on. Not to mention, coffee drinkers and enthusiasts will love how this table looks and how it is coloured.

Thanks to its durable and sturdy steel metal frame, you can be sure that every money spent on this elegant coffee table will be an overall worthwhile purchase as it will last you for many years upon purchase. Plus, it won’t easily crumble on the weight that will be placed on its top.

Get the Idiya Akron White Stained Coffee Table and leave your family and guests impressed with a stunning and functional furniture upgrade on their next visit.

Additional information
Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 80 × 80 × 43 cm


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