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Guilin 4 drawer tallboy

$318.00 ( inc. GST )

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A home is supposed to be your sanctuary where you come to unwind away from the exhausting day. 

But do the mess and clutter in your house always get in the way of your relaxation? 

If yes, worry no more. The Guilin 4-Drawer Tallboy is a one-of-a-kind beaut that 

will restore your home into a fun, relaxing living space in no time. 

Best suited to your cosy living room, bedroom, or anywhere you like — 

this piece of furniture will surely bring any of your rooms together in design. 

It comes with four (4) spacious chests of drawers that can help easily organize 

your essentials all in one convenient and well-sorted spot. 

Made up of solid Acacia t`imber wood, this tallboy drawer is carefully handcrafted with superior workmanship and joinery, 

making sure that it’s durable, stable, and can hold up a lot of items and accessories for your utmost convenience. 

It also has a soft-close functionality to avoid making too much creaking noise when you open or close it. 

What’s more, with its superb classic design and urban wire brush effect, your space can instantly 

elevate its mood and ambience. Meanwhile, its rain oak colour will also give you that rustic and vintage 

vibe for your bach or home, along with its slim metal handle pulls that complete the entire look.

Additional information
Weight 48 kg
Dimensions 42 × 96 × 103 cm


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