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3D different fur pattern wallpaper 3 rolls+1 glue+1 primer combo

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Do you love fur and want to make it into an extravagant visual statement in your bach or home? Then the 3D Different Fur Pattern Wallpaper by Idiya Ltd. is something you should take a squiz at.

Say goodbye to old walls, dull atmosphere, and lacking ambience, as this beaut wallpaper screams style and fashion for its looks at an affordable cost. Its design will help create a spirited vibe that will refresh your old and dull walls without being too overpowering. It will also create a warm and relaxing feel to balance your home’s mood and atmosphere while making it the highlight of your living room, dining room, or bedroom. Plus, this wallpaper works perfectly for commercial spaces such as cafes, offices, restaurants, and so on.

This self-adhesive wallpaper is made from high standard quality PVC material and comes in a vinyl un-prepasted texture, resulting in a more durable and smoother surface. It is lightweight and made of natural, environment-friendly, and long-lasting materials, so you can expect top-notch quality with durability that can surely make this last on your walls for a very long time. With its waterproof feature, you can install it even in your bathroom or kitchen area as well.

What’s more, this wallpaper is quick and easy to install. Thus, you don’t have to worry about hiring any professional for help. Its package comes with a simple kit that includes one (1) commercial-grade and eco-friendly glue that offers excellent adhesion for use with non-pasted and pre-pasted walls, and one (1) waterproof and breathable primer that prevents wallpaper paste from softening latex paint, making the paper quicker and easier to remove without leading to a munted interior. It also doesn’t require any complex cleaning techniques — just wipe it when needed, and you’re all good.

Your bach or home deserves a stunning renovation, and nothing can revamp your room more than the 3D Different Fur Pattern Wallpaper by Idiya Ltd. Cover your plain accented walls today and leave your friends and family impressed with a cute and adorable wallpaper upgrade on their next visit.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 1000 × 53 × 0.5 cm


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