There’s a reason we love being home – it’s where we get to be surrounded by the things we love. So don’t choose between your favourite books and that pretty vase – from cabinets to bookcases, our living room storage units will help you find a place for it all.


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Ikea DRÖNA Box, white, 33x38x33 cm


This velvety fabric box adds a sense of softness to your storage – whether it’s in the walk-in closet or in the living room. It is dimensioned for KALLAX shelving, adding style and function.

$13.00 ( inc. GST )

IKEA KVISTBRO Storage table, white


Store things like throws, newspapers or yarn in the basket or leave it empty to let the design stand out and to create a spacious feeling. Easy to lift and move from the sofa to your favourite armchair.

$96.00 ( inc. GST )

IKEA KALLAX Insert with door, black-brown


Standing or lying, against the wall or to divide the room – KALLAX series is eager to please and will adapt to your taste, space, budget and needs. Fine tune with drawers, shelves, boxes and inserts.

$25.00 ( inc. GST )

IKEA Kvistbro storage table, white


Store things like tosses, papers or yarn in the bushel or abandon it void to give the plan a chance to emerge and to make an open inclination. Simple to lift and move from the couch to your most loved easy chair.

$55.00 ( inc. GST )

IKEA SKUBB Box, white/ 3 pack


Easy to pull out as the box has a handle. All three boxes fit side by side in a 100 cm wide wardrobe frame.

$26.00 ( inc. GST )

IKEA SKUBB Box, set of 6, black


These small boxes bring order to your chaos helping you to sort socks, lingerie, and accessories. Use one or a few in each drawer depending on your needs. You can use them in the bathroom too.

$17.00 ( inc. GST )
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