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Best Black Friday Furniture Deal – Save The Biggest Amount Ever!

Frequently Asked Black Friday Furniture Deals 2021 Questions

1. Black Friday Furniture Deals 2021 by Idiya

As our regular customers, you know that we don’t offer discounts on our products to make fake promises. We already provide the cheapest furniture in New Zealand. But for the Black Friday occasion, we bring you an extra 10% OFF on all in-stock products! (Excluding Caravans & Food Trailers). This is a one time offer, grab it or lose it!

2. Is The Black Friday Deal Available on Ikea Furniture?

We are the biggest importers of Ikea furniture in New Zealand! Don’t get confused, if the furniture is in our stock, we will provide you with 10% OFF!

3. When Will The Black Friday Sale Close?

The deal will close on 30th November 2021. So don’t delay! We don’t have many products left in stock! Order before the deadline and before stockouts!

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